FACT24 - Integrated solution for proactive crisis management and emergency notification
COVID-19: Simple and fast action with FACT24

FACT24 can be made operational within a short time frame. We are supporting more than 2,500 clients during the Corona Pandemic with additional services.

The SaaS solution FACT24 helps organisations and businesses to efficiently alert and proficiently manage incidents, emergencies and crises.

"FACT24 CIM Starter: Handle any critical situation easily and professionally."

Crises cannot be prevented, but we can help you overcome them.

FACT24 WEB-SEMINAR - COVID-19 - Crisis Management During a Pandemic
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BCI Emergency Communications Report 2020
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FACT24 - Integrated solution for proactive crisis management and emergency notification

Discover the new FACT24

Using the FACT24 integrated solution equips you to manage every incident comprehensively from the beginning to the end.



The integrated solution offers two products with three editions, each enabling additional capabilities with every extension.

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That's why EWE NETZ GmbH uses FACT24

Find out more about the use of FACT24 at EWE NETZ for a fast and coordinated communication in emergency and crisis situations.
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FACT24 CIM - The new product for proactive crisis management

Find out more about F24's FACT24 CIM SaaS solution for crisis and incident management.
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COVID-19: ‘Preparing for the Next Wave’ Video Series

Join F24's Martin Petts, Head of Business Development in the APAC region, for an ongoing video series covering various topics from the ...
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FACT24 is used in all sectors.

Banks and insurance
Worldwide deployment. Flexible. Reliable Alerting.

Predictive planning. Reliable solution. Quick reaction.

Effective alerting. Highly available system. Available for use worldwide.

Efficient alerting. Flexible. Fast-acting.

Available for use worldwide. Quick communication. Location-based alerting.

Well prepared. Global response. Guaranteed availability.

IT and telecommunication
24/7 support. Guaranteed availability. Software-as-a-service solution.

Health and Pharmaceuticals
Proven system. Reliable alerting. High data security.

Public organisations
Reliable aid for disasters. Reliable alerting. Proven system.

Logistics & transport
Global response. Quick reaction. Available for use in a variety of situations.

Areas of application of FACT24

Whether you are assembling crisis teams or alerting all employees - In the event of an emergency, FACT24 will alert securely within seconds.

Crisis Management
FACT24 supports you reliably and flexible during a crisis - from communication, through to the consolidation of auditable documents.

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