Crises cannot be prevented, but we can help you
overcome them.

Das Bild zeigt eine Gruppe Bergsteiger, die einen verschneiden Berg entlang wandern.

Business crises:
sudden, overwhelming and full of risks

  • IT or production failure at an industrial company
  • Fire outbreak at a location
  • Hazardous substances in a children’s toy
  • Natural disaster in a country where employees are deployed
  • Bomb threat in a public organisation

This is the correct way for you to react in crisis situations

  • Alert emergency and standby units – quickly and reliably
  • Hold international teleconferences with crisis teams and management
  • Notify the authorities and media and set up information hotlines for employees, customers, partners and citizens
  • Online collaboration with a task management and social media monitoring process
  • Ensure flow and exchange of information and documents in real time
  • Send out all-clear signals, document the incident and resume business processes
Das Bild zeigt einen Bergsteiger, der sich vor einem Bergpanorama von einer Klippe abseilt.

What do customers think about FACT24?

This is why FACT24 is the right product for global alerting and crisis management

  • Web-based solution: easy to use and can be implemented quickly and flexibly
  • Independent from the company infrastructure
  • Guaranteed availability of 99.99 per cent, due to fully redundant structures
  • Many years of experience with over 2,500 international F24 customers
  • Can be put into action immediately – worldwide!
  • Certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 22301:2012
      Das Bild zeigt einen jungen Mann, der mit Bergsteigerkleidung und Rucksatz bekleidet auf einem Hang sitzt und auf seinem Laptop arbeitet.

      We are here for you.

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