COVID-19: Simple and fast action with FACT24

FACT24 can be made operational within a short time frame. We are supporting more than 2,500 clients during the Corona Pandemic with additional services.

The SaaS solution FACT24 helps organisations and businesses to efficiently alert and proficiently manage incidents, emergencies and crises.

Be one of the first to experience the extended capabilities of FACT24, exclusively and live – completely free of charge!

FACT24 Case Study: Alpiq

If important IT control systems or data and voice transmissions from an Alpiq power station fail, a chain reaction with serious consequences can ensue. That is why integrated professional business continuity management is Alpiq’s top priority.

FACT24 Case Study: Women's Football World Cup France 2019

Anything could happen during a big event like the Women’s Football World Cup, which makes preparing for crisis scenarios almost impossible. It was therefore essential to ensure maximum flexibility and responsiveness in the event of an incident.

FACT24 Case Study: SCHOTT AG

No electricity - that is the worst-case scenario for SCHOTT AG, not only does production grind to a halt but very soon after sensitive systems become permanently damaged. It is therefore crucial that the employees, who take care of thesystems in the event of disruptions and emergencies, are reached quickly.

Crises cannot be prevented, but we can help you overcome them.

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“Critical infrastructures” are the sectors whose functioning is important for the community. Disruptions and failures in these areas can lead to severe supply bottlenecks and disruptions to public safety.

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That's why Teambank uses FACT24

Murat Wewerke, Business Continuity Manager at TeamBank AG, reports on his experience with FACT24 in a customer testimonial.
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FACT24 is used in all sectors.

Banks and insurance
Worldwide deployment. Flexible. Reliable Alerting.

Predictive planning. Reliable solution. Quick reaction.

Effective alerting. Highly available system. Available for use worldwide.

Efficient alerting. Flexible. Fast-acting.

Available for use worldwide. Quick communication. Location-based alerting.

Well prepared. Global response. Guaranteed availability.

IT and telecommunication
24/7 support. Guaranteed availability. Software-as-a-service solution.

Health and Pharmaceuticals
Proven system. Reliable alerting. High data security.

Public organisations
Reliable aid for disasters. Reliable alerting. Proven system.

Logistics & transport
Global response. Quick reaction. Available for use in a variety of situations.

Areas of application of FACT24

Whether you are assembling crisis teams or alerting all employees - In the event of an emergency, FACT24 will alert securely within seconds.

Crisis Management
FACT24 supports you reliably and flexible during a crisis - from communication, through to the consolidation of auditable documents.

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