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Alerting Teams

Mass casualties, evacuation of a company site due to a fire or a heavy storm in your primary work area – each of these events requires you to notify your employees, put them on standby or alert the relevant teams as quickly as possible.

A fast response from the employees is also particularly important – for instance, to answer the following questions: How many hospital employees can be in the workplace within a few minutes in the event of mass casualties? How many people are already safe following an evacuation? Do your employees who are currently located abroad need help after a natural disaster?

The software-as-a-service solution FACT24 enables you to receive the answers directly. FACT24 uses the confirmation function to request a response when it sends the alert and can therefore also be used as a dead man’s switch. You will have an overview within a short space of time and can initiate the next steps – such as a second alert, for example. 

Find out here how the team alerting function works in practice with FACT24.


Alert your employees with FACT24:

  • on a wide range of various end devices
  • location-based
  • with confirmation function

Alerting employees and teams is just one example of how the alerting and crisis management solution FACT24 can be used. FACT24 is also used in IT alerting.

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