Assembling crisis teams

If there is an IT or production failure, a kidnapping or a flood, the members of your crisis team need to be alerted immediately and based on location if necessary.

Das Bild zeigt einen Leistand mit vielen Bildschirmen.

Mass alerting

A heavy storm is approaching or there has been an explosion in a chemical plant. A fast mass alert is now required in order to guarantee the safety of those who are affected. 

Das Bild zeigt ein Notausgang Schild, dessen Pfeil auf nach links deutet.

Alerting teams

If there are mass casualties or a company site needs to be evacuated, you need to put your employees on standby or alert the relevant teams as quickly as possible. 

Das Bild zeigt eine Weltkarte, in deren Hintergrund eine Computertastatur zu sehen ist, auf der ein Finger eine Taste betätigt.

IT alerting

IT failures have an enormous impact on all processes and procedures. Whether it’s a server failure or a hacking attack: Your specialists need to be alerted quickly in all emergency situations in order to prevent greater damage. 

Das Bild zeigt digitale Darstellungen verschiedener Infrastrukturen.

Travel Safety

Today almost every company works internationally or sends employees to other countries. Your employees are affected by natural disasters, political unrest or terrorist attacks just as much as holidaymakers.

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