Assembling Crisis Teams

Should an emergency situation arise, such as an IT or production failure, a kidnapping or a flood, the members of your crisis team need to be alerted immediately. The crisis team is responsible for initiating and coordinating the necessary measures. 

However, in a mobile working world, it cannot be guaranteed that the members of the crisis team will be in the office at the time of the emergency. It is therefore particularly important that the crisis team can also be alerted based on their location and through a variety of channels.

In addition to reliable alerting with a response function through various end devices, the fast and simple set-up of a telephone conference is also a valuable tool for communicating with your crisis team. This enables you to continuously share information regardless of location and delegate tasks. Audit-compliant documentation also ensures the possibility of analysis and follow-up work. 

Find out here how the assembly of crisis teams works in practice with FACT24.


Alert your crisis team with FACT24:

  • fast
  • location-based
  • on a range of different end devices

The assembly of crisis teams is just one example of how the alerting and crisis management solution FACT24 can be used. FACT24 is also used for mass alerting.

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