Crisis management

Communication crisis

If a communication crisis takes place, such as negative press coverage or a social media disaster, it is crucial to take fast action. FACT24 will help you act in the most effective way!  

Das Bild zeigt einige Mikrofone, die in einer Reihe stehen. An einem der Mikrofone im Hintergrund steht ein Herr im Anzug.

Natural disasters

Natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes and storms vary by region and country, but they all have one thing in common: Each has a significant impact on the day-to-day running of a business.

Das Bild zeigt einen wolkenverhangenen Himmel, der durch einen großen Gewitterblitz erhellt wird.

Product recall

Despite all the checks and precautionary measures you take, it is still possible that faulty or potentially dangerous products find their way onto the market. Everyone involved needs to be informed immediately.

Das Bild zeigt eine gesprungene Glasscheibe.

Terror attack

Incidents of terrorism and other external threats have become increasingly common across the world and are now part of our daily concerns. Even your company needs to be prepared for such events! 

Das Bild zeigt ein oranges Absperrband auf dem das Wort DANGER zu lesen ist.

Failure of critical infrastructures

An extensive power failure, a serious traffic accident or a strike at the airport. Your company needs to be prepared for these kinds of incidents as well.  

Das Bild zeigt eine Taschenlampe mit Lichtkegel in der Dunkelheit.

Incident management

To ensure that a failure in the production plant or a temporary shortage on the supplier’s side does not lead to a bigger crisis, it is important to be well prepared for all incidents in the running of day-to-day operations.   

Das Bild zeigt eine Fertigungsstraße eines Automobilbauers, auf der unlakierte Fahrzeug Karosserien auf dem Fließband zu sehen sind.

Facility management

Windows with rain sensors and cutting-edge alarm systems keep our buildings safe. But if one of these technical systems fails, it can be dangerous for your company! 

Das Bild zeigt einen Fingerabdruckscanner und eine Hand, deren Zeigefinger auf dem Scsannerfeld liegt.

Serious accident

A train accident or an explosion in a chemical plant – accidents require the cooperation of a number of different parties and the seamless running of complex processes.  

Das Bild zeigt eine Rettungsmannschaft, die sich vor einem Bergpanorama aus einem Helikopter abseilt.

Info-Hotlines Incidents with external effects

In these cases, there is an overwhelming need for information from relatives, neighbours, those who are affected and employees. The external queries need to be processed quickly and the information provided must be accurate.  

Das Bild zeigt eine Weltkarte, auf der in Kreisen verschiedener Größe, Personen abgebildet sind.

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