Despite the supposed perfection in procedural and technical security precautions, cyber attacks are commonplace in today's world and can, in the worst cases, result in downtime or data loss.

If your own IT infrastructure is no longer functional due to hacking, a ransomware attack or a CEO-fraud, being prepared is vital so that you are able to maintain the flow and exchange of information regardless.


With FACT24, the certified Software-as-a-Service-Solution, you can automatically alert your specialists instantaneously in the event of an incident in your IT ecosystem and continue to communicate and keep them reliably informed. This enables you to act faster, reduce downtime and comply with statutory reporting obligations, e.g. within the scope of the GDPR.


FACT24 can:

  • Alert your crisis teams and where necessary qualify alerts based on their qualifications and skills
  • Instantly arrange telephone conferences
  • Delegate and supervise important tasks
  • Integrate SIEM systems and much more
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Whitepaper IT-Security

Today, IT security has top priority in companies because in these times of highly networked systems the entire value chain becomes more vulnerable and attackable. Only companies that are well-prepared for IT incidents such as cyber-attacks and have setup professional alerting and crisis management in advance, can react immediately without losing crucial time.

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FACT24 isn’t only for IT security though, it can also be deployed for other situations such as IT alerts

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