Thomas Fütterer, crisis team coordinator at Bayernwerk, reports on his experience with FACT24 in a customer testimonial.

Failure of Critical Infrastructures

An extensive power failure, a serious traffic accident on the motorway or a strike at the airport: When an infrastructure is incapacitated, it automatically impacts everyday life. Your company needs to be prepared for these kinds of incidents too! 

To enable you to keep your business processes going in the event of disruptions to critical infrastructures, forward-looking planning for the occurrence of these scenarios is an important part of business continuity management. In order to implement the planned measures and activities in the most effective way, you need a powerful tool that will help you act efficiently in every event. 

FACT24 provides you with support, no matter what the situation! 

The software-as-a-service solution FACT24 enables you to handle all the important tasks that you and your crisis team would need to perform in the event of a power failure or a strike. For example, with FACT24 you can: 

  • Alert your crisis team and employees based on their location 
  • Set up teleconferences 
  • Inform and involve customers, suppliers and the public
  • Delegate tasks and a great deal more. 

          All the measures you take during an incident are logged in an audit-compliant manner for documentation and analysis purposes.

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          Whitepaper Critical Infrastructures

          Critical infrastructures are the sectors whose functioning is important for the community. Disruptions and failures in these areas can lead to severe supply bottlenecks and disruptions
          to public safety.  Due to the dependencies that exist between individual sectors and industries,
          the risk of failures is increased because of the so-called domino effects that can occur.
          The infrastructures in these areas must therefore be as secure and resilient as possible.

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          FACT24 is used in a wide range of environments and scenarios – the failure of critical infrastructures is just one example. Numerous companies also use FACT24 for incident management, for example.

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