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Incident Management

Even a minor incident may mean that your company operations could be impacted. By mapping your processes into FACT24, you will be informed immediately and automatically if an incident occurs. Key staff can therefore retain an overview of when and where incidents take place, allowing remedial action to be immediately taken.

FACT24 Incident Management – Stop an incident from becoming a crisis

Easily connect all devices capable of email and text message to your emergency notification system FACT24. Such devices much include:


Connect your IT infrastructure to your emergency notification system to provide automated monitoring, along with the ability to alert and escalate if any abnormalities or issues occur. Utilising the extensive alerting features within FACT24, you are able to set working hours, qualifications and priorities in order to ensure that the correct and most appropriate staff members are alerted in respect of each specific technical incident. You can learn more here about the use of FACT24 in the area of IT-Alerting.

Facility Management

Link fire detectors, water sensors or intruder alarms to FACT24 and automatically trigger alert messages to staff, in addition to potentially notifying external emergency services. Alternatively, monitor climate control systems, ventilation and other building services during regular operations and escalate any issue automatically. You can learn more here about the use of FACT24 in the area of Facility Management.

Production and warehouse

Prevent minor incidents from leading to a larger scale production problem. Whether this is a disruption in the supply chain or problems within a manufacturing environment, notifications from technical systems can trigger alarms automatically from FACT24. This ensures that the most appropriate resource can be dispatched to resolve the issue, thereby minimising any disruption to a logistics or production operation.   


Essential customer support

The customer is king. Use FACT24 Incident Management to automatically trigger alarms when you receive an email inquiry from a customer. Your support staff are then informed immediately via a pre-selected communications channel, without the need to continuously monitor their inboxes. With the aid of the link to FACT24, you are able to react both flexibly and efficiently in particular during off-peak times or for 24/7 customer support.

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