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Information Hotline – Incidents that Affect External Parties

For incidents that affect external parties, there is an overwhelming need for information from relatives, neighbours, those who are affected and employees. These incidents include mass accidents, an attack, train and aeroplane crashes and chemical spills. The external queries need to be processed quickly with technical tools that are implemented efficiently, and the information provided must be accurate. In addition, the in-house technical infrastructure must not be impaired by the incident.

FACT24 provides you with support, no matter what the situation! 


With the software-as-a-service solution FACT24, the quick activation of an information hotline means your phone lines will not be overloaded. Thanks to this flexible tool, you can activate scenarios that are already established and inform external parties using pre-recorded voice announcements. 


For example, with FACT24 you can 

  • Quickly activate an information hotline
  • Set up voice announcements and change them at any time
  • Delegate tasks and a great deal more. 

    To ensure documentation and analyses are complete, all the steps taken during each incident are logged in an audit-compliant manner.

    Find out for yourself about the numerous advantages FACT24 has to offer!

    FACT24 will meet your requirements and also help you successfully manage a communication crisis as well as a whole range of other things.

    We are here for you.

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