Das Bild zeigt digitale Darstellungen verschiedener Infrastrukturen.

IT Alerting

IT infrastructures have now become the heart of virtually every company. Failures or functional limitations can therefore have a huge impact on all of the company’s processes and procedures. Whether it’s the stoppage of a production line, a server failure or a hacking attack: Your specialists need to be alerted quickly in all emergency situations in order to prevent greater damage.

In order to be fully prepared, you need to not only monitor your IT infrastructure using sensors, but also integrate these sensors in your alerting and crisis management tool. Connecting external systems and measuring devices via web services ensures that you are always kept in the loop, for example, if the temperature in the server room is too high or water appears to have got in. 

The software-as-a-service solution FACT24 allows you to alert your specialists not only reliably and automatically in the event of a threat to the IT infrastructure, but also based on qualification, if necessary. This in turn enables you to act faster and reduce downtime.

Find out more about the possible uses of FACT24 within the area of IT alerting here.

Alert with FACT24:

  • automated
  • qualification-based
  • on various end devices

IT alerting is just one example of what FACT 24 can be used for. FACT24 is also used to assemble crisis teams.

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