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Mass Alerting

Here are just three of the numerous scenarios in which a large number of people has to be informed about the correct procedure: A heavy storm is approaching, an explosion has occurred in a chemical plant or the campus of a large company has to be evacuated due to an incident.

In all of these cases, a fast mass alert is required in order to guarantee the safety of those who are affected. Everyone in a particular area, in a certain age group or at a particular company site must have access to information.

In order to prepare a mass alert in the most effective way, you need a solution that will support you before, during and after a crisis situation:

  • Before – Every minute counts! You need a tool that can be used easily and intuitively both during the preparation stage and in the case of an actual emergency.
  • During – In order to coordinate the situation correctly, a continuous stream of up-to-date information on the status of the alerted persons is essential.
  • After – Audit-compliant logging of all measures taken ensures that all of the important information is available for subsequent documentation and analysis. 

Find out more about mass alerting with FACT24 here.

The software-as-a-service solution FACT24 combines this with a wide range of other functions for successful alerting and optimum crisis management.


With FACT24 you can alert:

  • quickly
  • based on location and qualification
  • from anywhere

Mass alerting is just one example of what FACT 24 can be used for. FACT24 is also used to alert teams.

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