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Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes and storms vary by region and country, but they all have one thing in common: Each has a significant impact on the day-to-day running of a business.

To help minimise the impact of natural disasters, thorough preparation has been a crucial part of crisis management for a very long time. But no matter how well you plan the procedures for all scenarios, every second is crucial when it comes to the actual implementation. This is why you need an extremely powerful tool that will enable you to act efficiently in the event of an emergency, assist you with the implementation of the crisis manual and give you a good overview. 

FACT24 provides you with support, no matter what the situation!

The software-as-a-service solution FACT24 enables you to handle all the important tasks that you and your crisis team would need to perform in the event of a natural disaster. For example, with FACT24 you can:

  • Alert your crisis team and employees based on their location
  • Set up teleconferences
  • Delegate tasks
  • Communicate with your staff continuously and a great deal more.

All of your activities are logged in an audit-compliant manner and are subsequently made available to you for documentation, analysis and training purposes. 

Free 30 day trial of FACT24 available for your company now! 

A natural disaster is just one example of when you can use FACT24. FACT24 can also be used for crisis management in the event of product recalls, for example.

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