Das Bild zeigt eine Rettungsmannschaft, die sich vor einem Bergpanorama aus einem Helikopter abseilt.


A train accident, a plane crash or an explosion in a chemical plant – dealing with accidents requires the cooperation of a number of different parties and the seamless running of complex processes. From the initial alert and regular teleconferences for status updates through to managing several teams and a high volume of incoming data – the full range of crisis management activities is usually required.

FACT24 reliably supports you through the situation, from when you send the first alert at the press of a button and set up ad-hoc teleconferences for the crisis team through to when you assemble special assistance teams. FACT24 helps you maintain an overview of the most recent developments and status reports, consolidate all incoming and outgoing data, and monitor social networks such as Twitter, thereby allowing you to retain control of the situation. 

FACT24 provides you with support, no matter what the situation! 


The software-as-a-service solution FACT24 enables you to handle all the important tasks that you and your crisis team would need to perform in the event of an accident. For example, with FACT24 you can: 

  • Send an alert at the touch of a button
  • Set up ad-hoc teleconferences
  • Maintain a clear overview of all events, information and procedures in one tool at a glance and a great deal more. 

    All measures taken are logged in an audit-compliant manner. This means that all the important information is made available for documentation and analysis purposes. 

    See all the advantages FACT24 has to offer for yourself!

    FACT24 is used in a wide range of environments and scenarios – not only for accidents but also for incidents that affect external parties.

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