Das Bild zeigt ein oranges Absperrband auf dem das Wort DANGER zu lesen ist.

Terror Attack

Incidents of terrorism and other external threats have become more common across the world and are now part of our daily concerns – whether these involve a terror alert, the discovery of an explosive, somebody being taken hostage or an unstable political situation. Even your company needs to be prepared for these kinds of events! 

It is a major part of crisis management today to be prepared for a terror attack or have a specific warning system in place. Once you have thoroughly planned for every possible scenario and documented these plans in a crisis manual, you need a powerful and reliable tool that will help you with the operational implementation of your emergency plans. After all, in dangerous situations every second counts.

FACT24 provides you with support, no matter what the situation!  

The software-as-a-service solution FACT24 enables you to handle all the important tasks that you and your crisis team would need to perform in the event of a terror attack or external threat. For example, with FACT24 you can: 

  • Alert your crisis team 
  • Alert your employees based on their location and establish whether they are safe or need help
  • Monitor news portals such as Twitter and a great deal more.

    All the measures taken are logged in an audit-compliant manner. This means that all the important information is made available for documentation and analysis purposes. 

    Find out more about FACT24 now, at no obligation, and see the advantages for yourself

    FACT24 is used in a wide range of environments and scenarios. For example, it is also used for crisis management in the event of a failure of critical infrastructures.

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