Guaranteed employee safety when travelling with FACT24 and A3M

Safer travel with validated international early crisis warning

Today almost every company works internationally or sends employees to other countries. Your employees are affected by natural disasters, political unrest or terrorist attacks just as much as holidaymakers. How do you meet the challenge of ensuring the safety of your employees abroad? The fact is that the statutory duty of care you have regarding your employees at home also applies to your employees abroad. And it is also essential for travel agents and airlines to be aware of potential crises.


Integrated early crisis warning and alerting with FACT24

Companies and tour operators must ensure that they receive and disseminate validated relevant information regarding potential hazards to ensure efficient and reliable alerting in the event of an emergency. The A3M Global Monitoring add-on module in the FACT24 CIM starter edition provides you with validated international crisis monitoring. A3M Global Monitoring offers the most effective early warning and information systems for the protection of employees and travellers. 


Direct integration into the FACT24 crisis management tool

FACT24 CIM starter edition enables you to integrate A3M's Global Monitoring early warning and information system directly into the crisis management tool and the alerting processes in FACT24. You can, for instance, automatically trigger alerts in FACT24 based on local incidents and pre-defined incident categories.


The following A3M Global Monitoring services can be integrated into the FACT24 crisis management tool:

  • Worldwide early crisis warning based on editorially validated message
  • Access to the latest country and city information with travel tips for business travellers (worldwide)
  • Individually configurable notifications via email (travel alerts)
  • Crisis monitoring based on actual booking and GPS data (Travel Tracking System)
  • The A3M Global Monitoring app informs employees worldwide about dangers at their current location or travel destination by means of push messages. Furthermore, the app can be used to provide employees with hazard ratings and behavioural information based on all events.

Employee safety when travelling: qualified and efficient information


Find out more about the integration of A3M into the FACT24 Crisis Management Process in an interview with Marcel Brandt, General Manager at A3M

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