Alerting and crisis management for airlines

Both passenger transport and freight traffic are growing steadily. All processes need to function smoothly. If this is not the case, the potential effects of incidents are enormous.

These include, for example, IT failures, interruptions to flight operations due to severe weather conditions, logistical delays in operational processes at check-in or in the security area, mechanical aircraft failures, fires or terrorist attacks. Any of these can result in considerable financial losses. Being able to act quickly is crucial in order to reduce the repercussions.

With the FACT24 Software-as-a-Service solution you can keep an overview at all times and master these challenges. FACT24 offers, amongst other things, the following advantages:

  • To alert and communicate in real time without delay because a quick reaction by the internal crisis team within the "golden" first hour is critical for resolving a crisis.
  • Mapping of emergency plans in the system in advance. This makes it easier to activate communication in the event of a crisis.
  • Efficient alerting of passengers, ground staff, cabin crew or assistants at the push of a button or automated by sensors and external service providers.
  • Automated documentation of events in accordance with auditing requirements, which is important for your own evaluations, investigations by authorities or for insurance companies.
  • Better compliance with the safety standards defined and controlled by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). These include, for example, the standardised test procedure for the operational safety of larger airlines (IOSA) or the aviation industry’s safety assessment for smaller airlines (ISSA).

FACT24 for airlines- info sheet for download

Read and see at a glance how FACT24 helps airlines to act quickly and how to deal with incidents.

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Case Study - At Condor, FACT24 is the saviour of the crucial first hour

Condor must be able to react immediately to disruptions in flight operations, such as technical difficulties or weather problems. It is the rapid reaction of the internal crisis team during the first hour of an incident that is crucial. Regular flight operations can only be resumed quickly if the appropriate measures are initiated at a very early stage.

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