Alerting and crisis management for airports

There is hardly a place on earth where more people come and go every day: Every airport is a complex system with a series of interconnected processes. Delays or security gaps can quickly lead to unforeseen consequences.

Ensuring the security and continuity of operational processes is therefore an ongoing task for those responsible. It is often necessary to handle unforeseen incidents that interrupt air traffic and disrupt operational processes. The reasons for these are manifold:

  • Problems in the security sector, such as individuals gaining uncontrolled access
  • Drones or birds disturb air traffic
  • Strikes e.g. by airlines or flight personnel
  • Terrorist warnings or attacks
  • IT infrastructure failures or cyber-security attacks
  • Failure of conveyor belts or other technical malfunctions
  • Notifications about postponed or cancelled flights
  • Natural phenomena such as severe weather conditions

With the FACT24 Software-as-a-Service solution, you can, among other things:

  • Alert members of the crisis team or emergency personnel in real time at the touch of a button. Alerting can be tailored to your needs, depending on whether the incident is operational or non-operational.
  • Map emergency plans in the system in advance. This makes it easier to activate communication in the event of a crisis.
  • Gather your crisis team or other groups by convening ad-hoc telephone conferences and exchange information in virtual crisis rooms from any location. Maintain an overview of the status of tasks, all communication processes and directly include external information such as weather data or social media channels.
  • Document all events in real time and in accordance with auditing requirements, whether for proof of damage, your own evaluation or to meet legal requirements.



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FACT24 in operation at Glasgow Airport

  • Trained personnel recognize potentially disruptive behavior and report this to the command center.

  • With the help of FACT24, those responsible coordinate the emergency services and personnel to directly prevent disruptive behavior by passengers.

  • "Campus Watch" is a tailor-made early intervention program at the airport, which uses FACT24 to send a rapid text message to all airport staff in the event of disruption or problems.

      Case Study - Emergency management with FACT24 at Cologne Bonn Airport

      In 2000, after intensive testing, Cologne Bonn Airport decided to use the FACT24 alerting service. As a result, within a few minutes of an emergency occurring all the necessary emergency personnel can be reliably and competently alerted at the touch of a button. This applies to minor incidents as well as major emergencies.

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