Threats such as technical disruptions, fires, bottlenecking in the supply, sabotage or leaks are particularly serious for companies in the energy sector. If an incident occurs, then safety, the protection of critical infrastructures and maintenance of business processes are at the centre of action. It is essential that companies plan for these specific incidents in advance in order to ensure professional alerting and crisis management. FACT24 offers the ideal basis for these situations.    


Your company remains capable of action, even in emergency situations, with FACT24, our reliable software-as-a-service solution. You can react quickly and easily to situations by convening a crisis management team via international conference calling and handling technical disruptions based on an established routine. You will have all details of your alerting and crisis management activities for purposes of documentation, evidence and analysis on hand, thanks to the audit-compliant logging of all measures taken.  

Thomas Fütterer, crisis team coordinator at Bayernwerk, reports on his experience with FACT24 in a customer testimonial.

  • Case Study Alpiq
  • Case Study Vattenfall
Case Study Alpiq

Alpiq is a leading Swiss electricity producer, energy trader and service provider operating throughout Europe. The Alpiq Group employs some 1400 people and has its registered office in Lausanne.

If important IT control systems or data and voice transmissions from an Alpiq power station fail, a chain reaction with serious consequences can ensue. Other critical infrastructure elements such as hospitals, transport systems or sewage systems may no longer function properly, endangering public safety for the Swiss population.

That is why integrated professional business continuity management is Alpiq’s top priority. And this includes an alerting solution that works even when critical facilities are no longer functioning.

Learn more about the use of FACT24 at Alpiq and download the complete case study now!

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Case Study Vattenfall

Vattenfall Europe Distribution Berlin GmbH opted for automation

Innovative incident management improves customer satisfaction at Vattenfall

Vattenfall was able to optimise internal and external forwarding of information using FACT24, which naturally led to greater customer satisfaction. 

Solution to problem using FACT24
  • The number of phone calls increased greatly when people were affected by an interruption in their power supply. These calls needs to be answered automatically while providing a qualified reply.  
  • The management needs to be informed as soon as possible.
  • It is essential that the measures taken are documented in a reliable manner.
  • FACT24 offers caller management solutions (information hotlines) that can handle the large number of callers automatically and inform customers providing the cause and extent of the interruption in service.
  • FACT24 ensures that information from the management is provided quickly thanks to a location-based alerting system on a variety of user devices in the event of a disruption or crisis.
  • All important information is on hand for purposes of documentation, evidence and analysis, even after the fact, thanks to audit-compliant logging of all measures taken.

Case Study Vattenfall

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