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Disruptions in the financial and trade sectors generally result in heavy losses. Banks and insurance companies often have a risk management system; however, in order to respond quickly in critical situations and to correct malfunctions as soon as possible, professional crisis management is required. It is the only means to quickly and reliably alert employees and convene crisis management teams in a timely manner.  


As a highly available alerting and crisis management service, FACT24 does more than provide support for emergency or crisis management; it also assists with prevention through response training and post-crisis analysis. For example, in the event of technical malfunctions and system glitches, burglary, power outages, evacuation of buildings or other threats.


You can deploy FACT24 anywhere in the world to assist you, adapted to your requirements as part of your BCM or crisis management system.

User report Augentius

Augentius, one of the largest independent private equity and real estate fund administrators in the world, found itself caught up in the London Bridge atrocity, a terrorist attack that took place on 3rd June 2017.

Das Bild zeigt ein oranges Absperrband auf dem das Wort DANGER zu lesen ist.

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  • User report
User report

Emergency management at Germany’s leading transaction bank

dwpbank relies on FACT24 for automated alerting services in the event of an emergency 

Solution to problem using FACT24
    • The company wanted to react quickly across the entire company in the event of a high-risk situation, outage of a critical IT application or other important resource. 
    • Previously, it was not possible to log the details of the different stages of alerting and activities performed. The company wished to change this in the future.
      • With the alerting and conference service FACT24, specialists and members of the crisis management team could be alerted on a variety of user devices within minutes. It means that the appropriate employees with the right skills can be coordinated thanks to qualifications-based alerting.
      • FACT24 is audit-compliant and makes all important information on alerting and the activities performed available for documentation and analysis purposes later on.

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