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Minor incidents can have serious consequences for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Hospitals work hard to provide their patients with prompt, high-quality care. Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees, the environment and local residents at all times. Maintaining the relevant processes is absolutely vital to both areas, and the demands placed on professional alerting and crisis management services are correspondingly high.


FACT24 assists you with major incidents where there are mass casualties or when buildings need to be evacuated. Other areas of application that require fast and reliable alerting are disasters or internal high-risk situations, such as fires, technical malfunctions or even disaster response training.

You can use FACT24 to call the right team of responders based on their qualifications to the scene quickly or prevent a larger disaster by automatically alerting personnel.


Place your trust in FACT24 so you can be prepared to the best of your abilities. 

Case studies

  • Carelink
  • Clinic Neuperlach
  • Clinic Rechts der Isar



The Carelink outreach care organisation is the leading organisation of its kind in Switzerland. Since 2001  Carelink has been supporting companies and organisations in the wake of extraordinary events and providing psychosocial emergency support to those affected and their families.

A robbery? A suicide at work? Extreme situations are part and parcel of the everyday life of any Carelink team member. The Carelink teams provide psychosocial emergency aid after extraordinary events and threatening situations. When an incident occurs, the operations management team has to alert and coordinate the care teams swiftly on the basis of defined criteria and special competencies. For this purpose, Carelink needs to deploy a state-of-the-art solution for alerting and crisis management, which tailors operations precisely to client requirements and the complexity of the event.

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Clinic Neuperlach

Neuperlach Clinic

In event of an emergency or threat to the Neuperlach Clinic, personnel reinforcements must be at the scene with the utmost speed to assure appropriate response to the situation. Manual contact of personnel using alert lists, however, proved to be too time-consuming and tied up too many staff. In addition, the reliability of notification and the quality of feedback returned concerning its execution were no longer in line with the hospital’s emergency operations planning specifications.

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Clinic Rechts der Isar

Clinic Rechts der Isar/Outpatient clinic for trauma surgergy

In the early hours of the evening of Friday 22 July 2016, an “external incident” was reported to the Accident Surgery Clinic of the Klinikum Rechts der Isar. The Munich fire brigade reported a mass casualty incident after a shooting near a shopping centre. For such a disaster additional personnel must rapidly present themselves at the clinic to deliver an appropriate response to events. Notification and alerting must be both rapid and reliable.

Find out more about the use of FACT24 at Recht der Isar Clinic and download the complete case study now!


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