Implementing FACT24 for your emergency and crisis management is not a time-consuming process. Quite the contrary: It generally only takes a few days for you to have the system set up and ready for use after trying out the trial version. This is made possible by the seamless interplay between FACT24 as a software-as-a-service solution and our technical expertise on the contents of the solution. We will advise and support you until FACT24 is fully operational. The flexibility of FACT24 allows you to develop the system further. For example, you can integrate additional locations, incorporate additional use cases and use a number of different communication channels.

Once the solution is implemented, our competent support team will be available to answer all of your questions regarding FACT24. 

Das Bild zeigt ein Weltkugel Icon auf welchem zwei standort Anzeiger abgebildet sind.

4th step:
You can always draw up new use cases and flexibly adapt your FACT24 account accordingly. 

Das Bild zeigt das Icon eines Mannes, der vor einer Leinwand steht.

1st step:
Receive a personal product demonstration from us in addition to your trial version.

Das Bild zeigt zwei ineinander greifende Zahnrad Icons.

2nd step:
We set up your FACT24 account together with you according to your individual requirements.

Das Bild zeigt ein Laptop Icon auf dessen Bildschirm das FACT24 Logo auf dunkelblauem Grund zu sehen ist.

3rd step:
Your FACT24 account is now ready for you to use. 

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