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Your company’s security is exposed to many threats to its IT and telecommunication systems: viruses, cyber attacks, technical disruptions, fires, power outages or system problems. Here it is important that the system remains highly available and the data and system security are maintained. It is critical that you have an IT security concept, which will include preparations in the event of serious failures: The administrators in charge, the crisis management team and customers need to receive alerts immediately.


By implementing FACT24, our software-as-a-service solution, you are ideally prepared for the risks and system outages and will have a dedicated point of contact at your side, available at all times. FACT24 does more than provide support for incident or crisis management; it also assists with prevention and post-crisis analysis. Employees and the crisis management team will be automatically alerted in the event of threats to the IT or telecommunication infrastructure. And you will not experience any outages, thanks to a guaranteed availability of 99.99%. 

  • User report IBM
User report IBM

Ideally prepared for any eventuality

IBM Switzerland incorporates FACT24 into the company’s disaster management and Business Continuity Management system

Solution to problem using FACT24
  • IBM Switzerland AG has made disaster and BCM their top priority when disruptions or problems occur.
  • The focus is placed on securing fast communication with internal and external groups of people, such as with the crisis management team, specialists and management, and customers.
  • It was necessary to have a powerful and flexible solution that features the ability to address persons receiving the alert in their native language.
    • FACT24 was embedded into their emergency procedures, utilising the telecommunications system to alert personnel within seconds and set up automatic conference calling. 
    • The BCM software and FACT24 were integrated using an interface 
    • Improved availability because alerts are sent using a variety of communication channels
    • Addresses persons in their native language

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