Logistics and Transport

Detailed organisational processes and plans for emergencies and disasters are a must in order to guarantee secure, timely passenger and freight services. A company’s management needs to be notified as quickly as possible, the crisis management team and qualified specialists need to be coordinated, or information hotlines need to be set up for the public at short notice in the event of an emergency.

Make sure that your company is prepared for a crisis or disaster, such as damage to or loss of a shipment or accidents involving hazardous goods or people.

Trigger an alert via different channels (phone, online, app), from anywhere in the world. In this manner, you remain capable of acting quickly and taking effective measures in the event of an emergency or crisis. Place your trust in FACT24, the reliable alerting and crisis management service.

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Case of application

Solution to problem using FACT24
    • It is essential that you can continually exchange information with the involved specialist teams when planning and implementing transports of hazardous goods. It means that constant and reliable communication has highest priority and is critical. 
    • In the event of an accident involving people or loss of a shipment, your crisis management team or emergency response team needs to be on the scene quickly. Manually alerting people takes a lot of time and is not very reliable.
      • The FACT24 crisis management tool, when used together with the end-to-end encrypted Business Messenger TrustCase enables you to establish confidential and secure communication collaboration with others.
      • FACT24 enables you to alert the crisis management team or emergency response team based on their location or qualifications with the press of a button via a variety of user devices. Companies operating in the transportation or logistics sector are always in motion, so it becomes necessary to initiate alerting over a variety of channels, such as by phone, using the F24 Alert! app or by computer.

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