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We are the first company in the world to have our integrated information security (ISMS) and business continuity (BCMS) management systems certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI). 

With our successful certification, the BSI officially confirmed: F24 operates an integrated management system according to the international standards ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and 
ISO 22301:2012 for critical business processes throughout the entire company, including its foreign subsidiaries. 

Information security and business continuity are essential to us. As a leading provider of alerting and crisis management solutions, we depend first and foremost on the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our information and services. These aspects form the basis of the security and reliability that our clients demand – particularly in crisis situations.

The certification further highlights the quality of our services. The integrated approach of both management systems provides the F24 Group with the foundation for end-to-end business continuity management. This means that F24’s services are also available in emergency situations. The availability of all key business processes is maintained and continued. This certification provides customers with peace of mind in knowing that all of their sensitive information is protected according to international best practices.

An annual audit by an independent, accredited institution guarantees the F24 Group’s compliance with these international standards. In addition, we undergo a recertification process every three years.

The certificates are registered at the following numbers:

  • Information Security: ISO/IEC 27001:2013      IS 561846
  • Business Continuity: ISO 22301:2012             BCMS 561848

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