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FACT24 ultimate PLUS

Enter the new age of crisis management with F24

Are you seeking a solution that meets your complex needs in alerting, notification and conference management, but also provides a full range of support functions in managing crises and monitoring all activities?  

Do you need to maintain a continuous overview of complex scenarios and various communication channels, tasks and documents, and require an integrated solution to do this? Are weather updates, social media channels etc. important sources of information for your organisation, and do you need the ability to verify and incorporate multiple streams of data into your crisis management operations at any time when required?

FACT24 Ultimate PLUS is the ideal solution for your integrated crisis management. 

With FACT24 ultimate PLUS, you manage and monitor incidents and emergencies with complete flexibility – you can access all the information you need on a wide variety of devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone) wherever you happen to be, and communicate with total security thanks to end-to-end encryption.  

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Full-scale notification, alerting and crisis management solution 
  • Location and qualification-based alerting
  • Crisis management dashboard as integrated communication platform
  • Real-time task and document management
  • Ad-hoc telephone conferencing
  • Specific communication functions including provision for deputies and shift plans, PIN prompt as recipient verification, conference call recording
  • Information hotline for automatic handling of high call traffic
  • Representation of complex corporate structures
  • F24 Alert! app for activating, modifying and monitoring alarms
  • TrustCase app for secure communication and alarm activation
  • Tamper-proof documentation of all activities 


Our top priority is to ensure the reliability and security of our systems. We therefore contractually guarantee all our clients minimum availability of 99.99% for FACT24 alerting services.

As part of our service, we naturally work with you to implement FACT24 in your company, holding a workshop to customise the system to your specific situation. We also provide ongoing day-by-day support, with personal customer service based on decades of expertise. 

To find out whether FACT24 ultimate PLUS meets your requirements, test FACT24 now for 30 days free of charge, and see for yourself.

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