Help and FAQ

FACT24 helps you to master crisis situations: you can efficiently alert, manage and monitor crisis situations and all processes are documented in an audit-proof manner. This page contains important instructions and tips on how to get the most out of FACT24. You will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions about FACT24's product components.

FACT24 How-To


FACT24 enables you to alert all necessary persons quickly and reliably, therefore you will always keep an overview of crisis situations and remain able to act. The "How To's" provide additional and detailed help on the most important steps in FACT24.

Documentation F24 Crisismanagement-Tool


The Crisis Management Dashboard (CMD) supports you in crisis situations where rapid action, making decisions and a smooth flow of certain processes are of great importance. This page explains the numerous functions of the tool.

TrustCase App FAQ


The F24 Messenger TrustCase focuses on secure communication in the event of a crisis. How best to create and manage your contacts and many other frequently asked questions are answered on this page.

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