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COVID-19 - Crisis Management During a Pandemic


Every organisation is being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, causing personal and economic damage to organisations around the world. John Davison, from F24, will demonstrate how FACT24 Emergency Notification and Crisis Management solution can help you in different user cases in the current pandemic that the whole world is currently experiencing.

How to communicate more efficiently with the help of qualified feedback during an emergency!


When an emergency or crisis occurs, communication starts with alerting all of the people involved, as it is only by getting feedback from the people who have been alerted that you can find out:

•    Who did we get hold of?
•    How many emergency forces are on site and when did they arrive?
•    Was the alert received and was it properly understood?

F24 & BCI presents the new Emergency Communications Report 2020 Web-Seminar


As Europe’s leading provider for alerting and crisis management as well as critical business communications, F24 is proud to exclusively present the BCI Emergency Communications Report and results of this year’s survey. It deals with the most exciting and urgent questions from the fields of Continuity Management and Crisis Management and provides guidelines for efficient communication in emergencies and crises.

Secure Exchange of Information in a Crisis - Via Messenger


Today, it is impossible to imagine our communication behaviour without messengers - both privately and professionally. However, in the business environment, completely different requirements apply with regards to security, data protection and functionalities. This has recently been demonstrated once again by the public discussion surrounding WhatsApp and GDPR, together with the banishment of company mobiles of large corporations.

What consequences does this have for your information exchange and the use of messengers in a crisis? 

GDPR - What The Experts Are Not Telling You About Communications


In this web-seminar we will talk about how reliable, comprehensive and auditable communications are key to help companies avoid significant punitive actions and reputational loss.

Incident Management with FACT24: Stop an incident from becoming a crisis


The Internet of Things (IoT) enables people and machines to exchange information in real time. But what happens if systems fail or sensors report an anomaly? Are you prepared and are you able to react quickly, so that a small incident does not turn into a crisis? 

Innovation in Alerting and Crisis Management


Discover first hand from our customers as to why they believe F24 were shortlisted for the following prestigious awards:


  • Specialist Technology Company of the Year
  • Cloud based Services
  • Most Innovative Productive of the Year

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