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Global changes in the climate are causing a higher incidence of tsunamis, snow storms, flooding, earthquakes and forest fires. You need to be able to act quickly and effectively when you are responsible for the lives of others in the event of a major disaster or high-risk situation by potentially alerting teams of special responders and informing the public of the events taking place and the corresponding safety measures transparently.

Integrate FACT24 into your alerting services. You can quickly and reliably notify all relevant groups of people and ensure that a qualified team is on the scene thanks to the highly available system and reliable alerting services. Each member of a given emergency services team who is contacted is able to provide an immediate response as to whether or not he or she can make it to the scene. It is important to inform residents or students as soon as possible or announce a warning or even evacuate them in the event of public threats, such as at a school or university campus. FACT24 can help increase public safety.

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I. Protecting a nation’s population has the highest priority

Professional, fast, efficient – disaster control for the government of Catalonia

Solution to problem using FACT24
    • The government places great importance on disaster control and the public alert system. Public agencies and residents need to be informed reliably in the event of a critical situation. 
    • Time is particularly of the essence to prevent damage to the public.
      • You can use FACT24 to plan and implement a wide variety of alerting services. Public agencies are able to conveniently use the system to alert and notify thousands of residents smoothly and with the press of a button.
      • Alerting can be sent by phone, online or app based on location to various user devices, taking mere seconds to do. Cooperation with public agencies is facilitated by the ability to request acknowledgement that the alert was received.

      Case Study Government of Catalonia

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      II. Alerting management in the event of major incidents

      Hamburg fire brigade relies on FACT24 in the event of major incidents

      Solution to problem using FACT24
        • The Hamburg fire brigade needs to be able to mobilise hundreds of emergency personnel within seconds in the event of a major incident not related to fire fighting. 
        • Both internal and external personnel need to be alerted. It is essential for reliable planning that the alert is acknowledged.
        • In the event of a major incident, hundreds of emergency personnel can be alerted within seconds using FACT24. 
        • Emergency teams and standby units, both internal and external, can be alerted based on location and qualifications. The integrated acknowledgment feature provides the emergency team leaders with fast and reliable information on who can be at the scene and whether it is necessary to alert additional emergency personnel.

        Case Study Hamburg Fire Brigade

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        FACT24 does more than provide professional support for emergency or disaster management; it also assists with prevention and post-crisis analysis. Try it for yourself!

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