You are responsible for moving many people and your company is in constant motion? Then you need to react with flexibility in the event of an incident! Take, for example, a heavy storm that endangers your passengers at their destination or a terrorism warning that affects your employees at a specific site. FACT24 is a highly available alerting and crisis management solution that enables you to maintain the big picture – from anywhere, anytime.


Use FACT24 to uphold your responsibility to your passengers and employees. You can use the web-based FACT24 service to alert special assistant and emergency response teams based on their location. You can pass along information quickly to travellers, their relatives or even the media. In the event of an incident, you can reliably and properly react to all disruptions of your company’s regular business operations thanks to professional preparations.

Take a look at all of the benefits that FACT24 can offer!

Case of application

Problem encountered by companies
Solution to problem using FACT24
  • A company needs to quickly and reliably notify or even alert many employees at different sites if an incident occurs.
  • It is essential that you convene a crisis management team immediately if storm warnings are issued.
  • You can use FACT24 to alert employees based on their qualifications and location. In addition, you can request an acknowledgement of receipt if necessary.
  • Ad-hoc conference calling with the crisis management team
  • Including the option of adding additional groups of people, such as participants at the scene, depending on the specific situation

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