You want to provide your customers with the highest level of quality possible. It is still possible that unforeseeable product defects can pose risks for your customers and your company: pieces of metal in a chocolate bar, an increased amount of toxic chemicals in a children’s toy or a faulty part in a car, for example. Critical circumstances require proper communication during the crisis within the company and from outside it.


FACT24 helps you to act quickly when communicating within your company and with external participants. For example, sending alerts when a product is recalled, alerting the crisis management team or notifying external participants. It is equally important that you provide your customers with information.

Strengthen your customers’ and your employees’ trust while boosting your brand with FACT24.

Case of application

Solution to problem using FACT24
  • The previously implemented system for alerting employees and the crisis management team was no longer reliable, as it takes too much time to inform people one-by-one. 
  • The number of calls and requests from concerned customers was high in times of critical situations. The situation overwhelmed their telephone system.
  • You can use FACT24 to alert employees or the crisis management team on a wide variety of user devices with the press of a button. FACT24 also enables you to use location-based and qualification-based alerting. 
  • You can set up temporary information hotlines, allowing all callers to receive information that is relevant to them in a professional manner, relieving the strain on your company’s telephone system.

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