TrustCase app: Exchange information securely

Use the TrustCase F24 Business Messenger for your F24 alerting and secure communication in emergency or crisis situations.

This app ensures that when an individual is alerted, they also receive a corresponding push notification on their smartphone that will be announced by a unique beeping sound.

Alarms can be immediately acknowledged, and all parties involved can easily and securely exchange information using the TrustCase app.

TrustCase provides the following benefits when it comes to alerting and crisis communication...

  • Secure communication thanks to end-to-end encryption
  • Quick and easy task setup and assignment
  • Guaranteed confidential message exchange based on various trust levels
  •  App availability in 11 languages


Alerting via the TrustCase F24 Business Messenger is available for the FACT24 premium and ultimate PLUS editions. Service security and availability take top priority at F24. That’s why annual penetration tests are performed on all of our services – including the F24 Alert! App. The tests are carried out by Syss GmbH, a company with a strong reputation throughout Europe.

You can find FAQs on the TrustCase F24 Business Messenger app here.

The app is free of charge and available for iOS and Android operating systems.



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